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Launched and Living with MS

First job. First apartment. First financial planner (yep, you need one!). There's a lot to look forward to in your 20s, and a lot you can do to make sure multiple sclerosis doesn't get in the way.

By Hallie Levine



Straight Talk About MS and Sex

Oh, yes! You can very much have a fun and fulfilling sex life after your MS diagnosis.


Should You Tell Your Boss You Have MS?

Young adults with multiple sclerosis share how they handled the decision to disclose their condition at work.


Patients Get Real About Working With MS

Will you be able to keep your job? Will you want to? A few people living with multiple sclerosis share their stories.

Julie Stamm

Turning Illness Into Adventure

When Julie Stamm couldn't find any books to help explain her multiple sclerosis to her son, she wrote her own.

By Sarah Ellis
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MS Treatments Cheat Sheet

The good news about treatments for multiple sclerosis? There are more than ever before! The challenge? There are more than ever before! Your introduction starts here.

By Claire Gillespie