Complementary Medicine

Let's Talk About CBD

by Jennifer Tzeses
Alternative Medicine

Can CBD Relieve Chronic Pain?

by Jennifer Tzeses
Rheumatoid Arthritis

Taking CBD Oil for RA

by Lene Andersen, MSW
Alternative Medicine

Is CBD The Secret to Dealing With 2020 Stress?

With everything happening this year, a record number of people are turning to this buzzy alternative treatment. Is it worth a try?

CBD topical
Pain Management

Your Guide to CBD Topicals for Muscle and Joint Pain

Curious about CBD-infused creams for your chronic aches? Here’s the rub.

CBD gummy
Alternative Medicine

CBD-fortified Everything: What’s the Deal?

The hemp derivative is in everything from gummy bears to soda. Here’s what you should know about the latest feel-better trend.

CBD oil and plant
Alternative Medicine

7 Things to Know Before You Buy and Try CBD Products

Do your due diligence before using any form of cannabidiol. Here’s how to best vet products and sellers.

Jamie Robinson
Pain Management

Q&A With Jamie Robinson: CBD for Pain Management

Jamie Robinson is educating people on the health benefits of non-psychoactive CBD oil and how it can help veterans with PTSD and pain management.

oil dropper CBD
Complementary Medicine

The Facts About Using CBD for Anxiety & Depression

There's a lot of buzz about the calming powers of CBD. We went to the experts and dug into the research. Here are the facts.

Multiple Sclerosis

Can CBD Help Your Multiple Sclerosis?

Get the facts about this chemical compound from the cannabis plant and what experts say about its potential for treating MS-related pain.

Commercial cannabis plant growing in warehouse
Arthritis & Joints

What Every Arthritis Patient Needs to Know About Cannabis

For people with arthritis pain, medical marijuana can bring relief without the side effects caused by traditional treatments. But it’s still not legal everywhere—yet.