Let's Talk About ADHD in Adults

Most adults with ADHD have had it since childhood but were never diagnosed. Think that could be you? We're here to help.

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    We went to some of the top experts in ADHD to bring you the most up-to-date information possible.

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    Lindsay Elton, M.D.Neurologist

    Child Neurology Consultants
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    Mary Beth Lardizabal, D.O. Psychiatrist

    Allina Health
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    Patricia Gerbarg, M.D.Assistant Clinical Professor, Psychiatry

    New York Medical College
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    Frequently Asked QuestionsAdult ADHD

    What does ADHD look like in adults?

    It’s hard to say exactly because ADHD looks very different from person to person. But generally, if you experience symptoms—like impulsiveness, poor planning, or mood swings—that are severe, happen frequently, and are disruptive to your life, you should consider being evaluated for adult ADHD.

    Why do adults with ADHD sometimes have a hard time with relationships?

    Some folks with ADHD have had to deal with frustrations from romantic partners about attentiveness and mood swings. Other hurdles that men and women with ADHD encounter involve relationship hopping, feeling distant, or cheating. It’s not easy, we know. But, with a little hard work and extra help (from therapists, etc.) healthy and happy relationships are doable.

    Does diet affect ADHD in adults?

    Some small studies suggest getting less processed food, and more fatty acids into your diet have a modest benefit on improving ADHD symptoms, so eating foods like salmon and nuts can’t hurt.

    What’s the best treatment for adult ADHD?

    While many people use medications to help in managing symptoms of ADHD, this is a personal decision and should be made with the help of your doctor and therapist. Understanding the different medications available and what they can do for you can help you make the right decision.

    Gail O’Connor

    Gail O’Connor