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Let's Talk About Blood in Your Urine

Before you panic about seeing blood in your pee, call your doctor. Chances are the cause isn't as alarming as you fear.

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    We went to some of the nation’s top experts in bladder cancer to bring you the most up-to-date information possible.

    Philippe Spiess, M.D. headshot.

    Philippe Spiess, M.D.Genitourinary Oncologist and Assistant Chief of Surgical Services

    Moffitt Cancer Center
    Tampa, FL
    Gary Steinberg, M.D. headshot.

    Gary Steinberg, M.D.Urologic Oncologist and Bladder Cancer Surgeon

    NYU Perlmutter Cancer Center
    New York City
    William Tabayoyong, M.D.

    William Tabayoyong, M.D.Assistant Professor of Urology and a Urologic Oncologist

    University of Rochester Medical Center
    Rochester, NY

    Frequently Asked QuestionsBlood in Your Urine

    What are the odds I have cancer if there’s blood in my urine?

    Well, it depends on your risk factors and the type of blood. But for most people under age 50, the chance of having either bladder or kidney cancer if you have microscopic levels of blood is about 3%. If you have risk factors, it’s about 25%. Blood you can see ups your chances of bladder cancer to 31%.

    What tests should I ask for if I see blood in my urine?

    The first step is to get a urine culture to check for bacteria in case you have a UTI or kidney infection. If it comes out negative and you’re older than 50, ask to be referred to a urologist. A urologist can evaluate your risk factors and see if you need more tests, like CT scans, blood tests, and a cystoscopy.

    Why do UTIs cause blood in the urine?

    Bacteria get into your bladder and multiply, inflaming the lining and causing it to bleed, which then gets into your pee.

    Is blood in my urine dangerous?

    It’s a sign that something is wrong, so you definitely want to get it checked out. Chances are, it’s either an infection or a kidney stone, not cancer.

    Linda Rodgers

    Linda Rodgers


    Linda Rodgers is a former magazine and digital editor turned writer, focusing on health and wellness.