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We've got the doctor-approved scoop on causes, symptoms, treatments, and a jillion other facts and tips that can make life with eczema easier.

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    We went to some of the nation's top experts in eczema to bring you the most up-to-date information possible. Look who's on your side:

    Cheryl Bayart, M.D.

    Cheryl Bayart, M.D.Dermatologist

    Cleveland Clinic
    Cleveland, OH
    Lawrence Eichenfield, M.D.

    Lawrence Eichenfield, M.D.Chief of Pediatric and Adolescent Dermatology, Professor of Dermatology and Pediatrics

    Rady Children's Hospital and University of California, San Diego School of Medicine
    San Diego, CA
    Emma Guttman, M.D., Ph.D.

    Emma Guttman, M.D., Ph.D.Director of the Center for Excellence in Eczema

    Mount Sinai Hospital
    New York, NY
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    Nikki Cagle
    Triggers of eczema include very cold or very hot temperatures, allergens in the air, sweat, irritating chemicals, stress and anxiety, and certain foods
    Nikki Cagle
    Common eczema treatments include topical creams, injectables, immunosuppressants, and ceramide moisturizer
    Nikki Cagle

    Frequently Asked QuestionsEczema

    Is eczema contagious?

    That would be a hard NO—and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Eczema is a skin condition...not a cold. You can’t give it to others and your co-worker can’t give it to you.

    Why does eczema feel so good when I scratch it?

    It creates a short-term pain response that makes your brain temporarily forget about your itch. But the scratching damages the top layer of skin and causes your body to release pain-relieving chemicals like serotonin, which make you even itchier.

    Is it safe to swim with eczema?

    Yes, but you should take some precautions. Since chlorine or saltwater can irritate your skin if left to dry, you should rinse off immediately après swim, pat dry and apply a moisturizer to your entire body. This will help prevent a flare.

    What’s a good home remedy for eczema?

    Coconut oil! Not only is it incredibly moisturizing, it has antibacterial effects, which can help get rid of nasty bugs on your skin that make eczema worse.

    Ayren Jackson-Cannady

    Ayren Jackson-Cannady

    Ayren Jackson-Cannady is a senior editor for HealthCentral.