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Let's Talk About Eczema Signs and Symptoms

Knowing what to look for with this challenging condition can help you (and your skin) breathe a sigh of sweet relief.

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    We went to some of the nation's top experts in eczema to bring you the most up-to-date information about symptoms possible.

    Bruce A. Brod, M.D., FAAD

    Bruce A. Brod, M.D., FAADClinical Professor of Dermatology

    University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
    Philadelphia, PA
    Mary L. Stevenson, M.D. headshot.

    Mary L. Stevenson, M.D.Assistant Professor of Dermatology

    Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology at NYU Langone Medical Center
    New York City
    Alina G. Bridges, D.O. headshot.

    Alina G. Bridges, D.O.Associate Professor of Dermatology and Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

    Mayo Clinic
    Rochester, MN

    Frequently Asked QuestionsEczema Signs and Symptoms

    Can eczema be mistaken for other conditions?

    Yes, eczema can often look like other conditions including poison ivy, an allergic reaction, psoriasis, and ringworm. This is why it’s important to see your doctor if you notice any symptoms, including dry, cracked skin, red or violet-colored sores, open sores that leak fluid, or itchy skin.

    Is it possible to have more than one type of eczema at the same time?

    Yup, it is possible to have more than one type of eczema at the same time (come one, come all). While they all will likely itch and cause redness, symptoms can vary, and you might require multiple kinds of treatments depending on the types of eczema you have.

    If I have atopic dermatitis as a child, am I guaranteed to have it into adulthood?

    According to the American Academy of Dermatology, about 50% of people who get AD during childhood go on to have a milder form of AD as an adult.

    Will my symptoms go away?

    Unfortunately, eczema can’t be cured, but for some people, flareups can clear for a while, even for several years. The right treatments and daily skin care can help relieve itching and other symptoms and prevent new outbreaks.

    Jennifer Tzeses

    Jennifer Tzeses

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