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Let's Talk About Lymphoma Treatment

It’s a challenging disease but there are a host of promising therapies to manage it. We asked our experts to share the latest options on your road to recovery.

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    We went to some of the nation’s top experts in lymphoma to bring you the most up-to-date information possible.

    Jasmine Zain, M.D.

    Jasmine Zain, M.D.Director of the T Cell Lymphoma Program

    City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center
    Los Angeles, CA
    Dhimant Patel, M.D.

    Dhimant Patel, M.D.Hematologist and Oncologist

    Aurora BayCare Medical Center
    Green Bay, WI
    Faisal Saghir, M.D. headshot.

    Faisal Saghir, M.D.Hematologist and Medical Oncologist

    Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital
    DeKalb, IL

    Frequently Asked QuestionsLymphoma Treatment

    Will I need surgery for lymphoma?

    In order to diagnose lymphoma, a doctor will usually surgically remove a bit of tissue, or sometimes an entire lymph node, and send it to a lab to be tested. Other than a biopsy though, you probably won’t have surgery for lymphoma, since there often are no hard tumors to remove.

    What is CAR T therapy for lymphoma?

    CAR T therapy genetically modifies a person’s immune cells so that they attack the cancer. To do this, T cells are removed from your blood and sent to a lab, where a specific gene is added to them. Large numbers of these modified T cells are then given back to the person through an IV.

    How do corticosteroids work?

    Corticosteroids are medications that reduce inflammation. When used in combination with chemotherapy, corticosteroids stop allergic reactions and reduce side effects. Studies have shown that chemotherapy for lymphoma works better when people take a steroid, too.

    What is targeted therapy?

    Targeted medications—sometimes called “biological therapies”—are medications that target specific proteins or genes in your cancer cells to limit growth. Targeted drugs reduce damage to healthy cells and tissues, compared to chemotherapy.

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