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    Multiple myeloma statistics: lifetime risk, age multiple myeloma cases occur, number of Americans with multiple myeloma, percentage of people who live 5 years after diagnosis, number of new cases per year
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    Multiple myeloma symptoms include anemia, bone pain and fractures, excessive bleeding, high levels oof calcium, kidney problems, and numbness
    Nikki Cagle
    Common treatments for multiple myeloma include chemotherapy, targeted therapy, steroids, and bisphosphonates
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    Frequently Asked QuestionsMultiple Myeloma

    What is multiple myeloma?

    Multiple myeloma (MM) is a type of blood cancer that occurs when certain white blood cells mutate and start growing out of control. People with MM develop tumors in their bone marrow that prevent healthy marrow from doing its job of making infection-fighting white blood cells and oxygen-carrying red blood cells.

    What causes multiple myeloma?

    Doctors don’t know exactly what causes multiple myeloma, but it likely comes down to DNA damage and chromosomal differences. Normal human cells have 46 chromosomes, but multiple myeloma cancer cells are often found to be either missing a part of one of chromosome, or have a mixed up order of chromosomes.

    Is multiple myeloma curable?

    No, it’s not considered curable—yet. But it is treatable. Many new treatments have been discovered in the last decade, and some doctors are starting to call it a “chronic” condition that can be managed successfully for years.

    Is multiple myeloma the same as Kahler disease?

    Yes. Multiple myeloma used to be known as Kahler (or Kahler’s) disease, named after Otto Kahler, the doctor who first discovered it in 1889. Other names for multiple myeloma are myelomatosis and plasma cell myeloma.

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