Questions to Ask Your Doctor About COPD

If you have COPD, you’re probably more satisfied with the quality of your health care when you have the chance to ask your doctor questions. This quiz could help you start that conversation during your next visit.
Sue Byrne

How Much Do You Know About COPD?

The term COPD can be confusing for some, and many people have never even heard of the disease. Take the quiz to find out how much you know.
Allison Tsai

Am I Managing my COPD as Effectively as Possible?

You may often wonder if you’re managing your COPD. But are you asking the right question? Maybe you should be asking about effectiveness; is what I’m doing, actually working? And if so, is it working as well as possible? Many factors enter into effec...

Do you know how to manage your COPD in hot weather?

Our bodies try to maintain a normal body temperature, which is about 98.6 F. When we are exposed to hot temperatures, we have to work harder to stay cool, making our bodies demand more oxygen. If you have COPD, you are already using a lot of energy j...

What Do You Know About End-Stage COPD?

In spite of what it sounds like, “end stage” is not a death sentence! On the contrary, you can live for many years with this diagnosis. See how much you know about it, and take the quiz!

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