Running Your Race: The NYC Marathon with Crohn's Disease

Traveling When IBD Flares

What can you do when you’re traveling and suddenly experience an IBD flare? Learn what you can do to stay prepared and relaxed while away from home.
Brian Greenberg

Can Exposure To Mold Be A Cause Of Crohn's Disease

Question Originally asked by Community Member gail Can Exposure To Mold Be A Cause Of Crohn’s Disease Answer Hello, Gail. I don’t know of anything in the medical literature to suggest that exposure to mold might be a cause of, or a precipitating fact...

Alcohol Consumption and Crohn's Disease

If you are wondering if it is safe to drink alcohol if you are living with Crohn’s Disease, this SharePost presents some of the latest findings. Scandinavian researchers recently considered this topic and published their results in the Scandinavian J...
Tracy Davenport, Ph.D.

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