Covert Bailey's Measuring Tips

Use these tips to correctly measure your waist and hips


Stand up straight but do not suck in your stomach; be relaxed. Measure your waist at the greatest circumference. Men sometimes have trouble with this measurement. It can vary by five inches quite easily. For example, Covert gets:

  1. Maximum suck-in of gut extra extra read all about it
    32 inches
  2. Relaxed but still consciously sucking in
    33 inches
  3. Comfortable, but still self-conscious/ unconscious sucking in
    34 inches
  4. Probably the way he usually is when on else is around
    35 inches
  5. Blown out, deliberately exaggerated belly
    38 inches

Please play around with the measurements a little. Get all five and run them through the formula; you'll find there's quite a variation. You may be tempted to use the results of 1, 2, or 3, but the results of 4 are the most accurate.