6 Tips to Have More Fun While Caregiving

Many dementia caregivers feel as though they are treading water just to avoid sinking under the often exhausting pressures associated with dementia care. But consciously changing your attitude can, with practice, significantly change how your days, a...
Carol Bradley Bursack

What Is Sundowning?

People with Alzheimer’s disease are prone to becoming agitated in the late afternoon or early evening. These strategies can minimize common triggers of this behavior.

Warning Signs of Mild Cognitive Impairment

People with mild cognitive impairment are more forgetful than normal for their age, but they don’t experience other cognitive problems associated with dementia, such as disorientation or confusion about routine activities.

Dementia Care: Bath and Shower Tips

While it may not be easy to help bathe a loved one with dementia, it’s possible to find ways to improve the bathing experience. Here’s how.

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