Shopping Addiction Quiz

Usually, “shopping addiction” is a term we use lightly - not meant to seriously diagnose someone with an actual problem. It is, however, an actual form of addiction and should be taken seriously when signs and symptoms are realized. Remember that thi...

How Much Do You Know about Dysthymia?

Unlike major depression, which is generally severe but of a brief duration (weeks or months), dysthymia is less severe, but can last for years. Unfortunately, because dysthymia by its nature is more subtle than major depression, it often goes undiagn...
Amanda Page

Depression at the Movies

There are many movies where depression is the major theme. Let’s see how well you can identify the films where depression plays a starring role.
Amanda Page

Depression and Suicide Quiz

There are many misconceptions about depression and suicide. Take this short quiz to learn the facts behind the myths and what to do if you have a friend in need.

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