Brown Bagging It: 6 Healthy Recipes

Popular Diet Trends: 2016 Wrap-Up

There were many diets that gained popularity this year — some for weight loss, and others to improve overall health. Here’s a wrap-up of the most popular diet trends, and if they are worth a try: 1. Detox or cleanse diet What is it? Proponents of thi...
Carmen Roberts, MS, RD, LDN

Fasting Part 2: Types of Fasting Diets

Credit: Thinkstock In Part 1 of this discussion about fasting, we looked at how fasting might affect certain health conditions and why fasting, unlike dieting or just reducing calories, has a unique impact on your physiology. But there’s more to a fa...
Amy Hendel

Fasting Part 1: Why These Diets Are Getting So Much Attention

Credit: Thinkstock Fasting diets are seen by many people as a surefire way to lose weight and improve one’s health, and as a means of preventing or treating numerous health conditions. But is fasting really the miracle therapy so many proponents clai...
Amy Hendel

Risks of a Low-Carb Diet

Low-carbohydrate (high protein) diets are appealing because they often result in rapid, seemingly effortless weight loss. However, it’s mostly due to the loss of body water—not body fat.

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