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Ultrasound in Obstetrics


Ultrasound is a technique that uses sound waves to take a picture of the baby (fetus) in the uterus. Because it uses sound waves instead of radiation, ultrasound is safer than X-rays.



Ultrasound works by bouncing sound waves off the developing fetus. Echoes from the waves are converted into an image - called a sonogram - on a TV monitor. The technique is sometimes called sonography or sonar.

Ultrasound has become an increasingly important part of prenatal care, providing information that can guide a physician's care for a pregnant woman and improve the outcome of pregnancy.


Is the use of an ultrasound indicated?

What will the ultrasound show?

Are there any risks involved?

Will the ultrasound be used in conjunction with other prenatal testing?

Is the procedure uncomfortable?

Is a full bladder necessary to have this procedure done?

Will the ultrasound be useful in determining the best delivery method?