Could a Blood Pressure Test Help Diagnose Fibromyalgia?

Migraine Prepared Me for Fibromyalgia

I’ve lived with Migraine my entire life, so waking up in pain was not new. The surprise was that I suddenly felt like I’d aged 40 years overnight. I didn’t just hurt. It felt as though every muscle in my body had seized up and all my joints were lock...
Tammy Rome

Spring, Sinusitis, and Fibromyalgia

After months of cold weather that winter brings, many people welcome spring with open arms. However, for some of us, it also means stuffy noses, watery itchy eyes, sinus pressure, and headaches. For those of us with fibromyalgia, it can also mean our ...
Celeste Cooper, RN

10 Tips for Managing Fibrofog

Fibrofog is a term used to describe short-term memory loss, trouble finding common words, transposing letters and numbers, losing our train of thought, etc. Unfortunately, it’s a common symptom of fibromyalgia.
Celeste Cooper, RN

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