The Children's Food Pyramid

Children (ages 6 to 11-years-old) have very different nutritional needs than adults to keep their growing bodies healthy. Test your knowledge of your child’s nutritional needs.

Eat Your Vitamins!

While vitamin supplements are readily available just about everywhere, the best way to get the essential vitamins your body needs is through the foods you eat every day. Guess which vitamin(s) is in each of the following foods.

How Do Vitamins Impact Your Health?

There are 13 vitamins and minerals essential to your body’s basic function: Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and eight B vitamins. Test your knowledge of these essential vitamins and their impact on your health.

Summer Food Portion Sizes Quiz

Love those barbecues and picnics &ndashsc but still want to look good in your bathing suit" Don&rsquosct be sidetracked by overly generous portion sizes. Use this quiz to help you stay on track.

Nutrition Facts Label IQ

Think you’re an expert on food label lingo" Think again. Many long time label readers can get tripped up in the aisles. Take this quiz to see how you rate.

Holiday Foods Quiz

Just because holiday dinner is traditionally a feast, it doesn’t have to be a high calorie one. Are you make the right choices?
The HealthCentral Editorial Team

Summer Food Safety Quiz

As the grills heat up for picnics in the park or backyard barbecues, many cases of foodborne illness occur due to improper handling of foods. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the safe food handling.

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