Heart Attack Symptoms: Men vs. Women

Newer Version of Heart Attack Blood Test a Game Changer?

One of the most common symptoms worldwide that brings a patient to the emergency room is chest pain. Many patients who present with this symptom are often kept for hours for observation, or are hospitalized overnight for evaluation, which can add to ...
Amy Hendel

7 Strange Heart Attack Symptoms

A heart attack doesn’t always strike out of the blue. Often, there are unusual symptoms in the days and weeks leading up to an attack. It’s not surprising that many people don’t recognize these symptoms, however, since some of them may not be ones yo...
Melanie Thomassian

Heart Attack, Part Two: A Patient Guide

Introduction The Heart Attack Patient Guide describes what you are likely to experience when having a heart attack, as well as your recovery and treatment. This guide describes the various stages of recovery, from the first few days in the cardiac ca...
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