Are You At Risk for High Cholesterol?

You can’t see high cholesterol. You can’t feel it. It doesn’t have any symptoms. Yet it kills 500,000 Americans each year and is a major risk factor for coronary heart disease and stroke.

True or False: Know the Facts About Vitamin D

Vitamin D seems to be in the hot seat of controversy among medical professionals quite often, but many still don’t know the facts about this elusive compound. Test your knowledge and see how much you know. As always, be sure to discuss any questions ...
Allison Bush

Are You Veggie Smart?

Do you know how fruits and veggies affect your diet" Are deeper-colored fruits better for you" Does cooking eliminate essential nutrients found in vegetables" Take our quiz and find out!By Melanie Thomassian

Act in Time to Heart Attack Signs Quiz

See if you know what to do if a heart attack strikes you or a loved one. When it comes to a heart attack, time is of essence. Take this quiz for life-saving tips.Source: National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute

Heart Health Quiz

How knowledgeable are you about heart health" Whether you’re a patient or a caregiver, this quiz will test your understanding and maybe even teach you something new!

Heart Health and the City Quiz

Is your city heart-friendly or a cardiac disaster" The American Heart Association has just released a study, revealing the nation’s top heart friendly cities for women. Take our quiz and find out if yours made the cut!

Stroke Awareness Quiz

Stroke is the third leading cause of death and cause of adult disability worldwide. Take this quiz and see if you’re up to par on your stroke awareness!

Know Your Metabolism Quiz

You’ve probably heard the term “metabolism,” but do you really understand what it is and how to use it in your quest for heart health?Take this quiz and let Expert Lisa Nelson give you some pointers.

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