Heart Health Brain Teaser

Do you know the hard facts behind one of the most important organs in your body" Your heart shouldn’t be something you only think about on Valentine’s Day or after a bad break-up. Step up to the challenge and take this quiz to see how much you r...
Melanie Thomassian

Myth Buster Quiz

With so much hype surrounding the area of healthy eating, dieting, and exercise you’d be forgiven for feeling a little confused at times. If you’re interested in finding out the truth, and testing your knowledge to boot, why not take our quiz"
Melanie Thomassian

Post Cardiac Care

Cardiac arrest can be deadly, but once a patient’s heart has been re-started, many people assume all is well. But is more care needed following cardiac arrest? Take our quiz to find out.
Deanne Stein

Heart Disease Risks

Your risk of heart disease and heart failure are increased by a number of factors. Do you know what they are? Test your knowledge.

Quiz: Stress, Cortisol, and Your Heart

Stress is not only detrimental to our general health, but it may also have an increasingly adverse effect on our hearts. Learn the physical process by which stress can cause these internal problems.

Celebrity Diet Quiz

We all envy the ease by which celebrities seem to stay trim and look fabulous-whether they’re coming home from the gym or on the red carpet. Not surprisingly, though, this all requires a tremendous amount of effort. Take our quiz and learn your favor...

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