New and Improved Hep C Treatments

Hep C treatment has totally changed in the last few years, for the better. Since 2014, Hep C has been treatable with oral medications.
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Preventing Liver Cancer When You Have Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C, caused by a virus transmitted through blood, can cause liver damage, [cirrhosis](, and liver cancer.
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Drug Users and Access to Hep C Treatment

There are some medical providers and health insurance plans that do not provide hepatitis C treatment for people who use drugs. This is unfortunate because in progressive healthcare settings, and in numerous research studies, it has been clearly demo...
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Hiding Hep C

Credit: Thinkstock A friend recently told me that he has hepatitis C. He didn’t tell me up until now, because he worried it would change the way I see him. His feelings are not unusual. Many people feel that they need to hide their hep C. Unfortunate...
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Can You Become Immune to Hepatitis C?

Credit: Thinkstock Some people who have been able to cure their hepatitis C with either the newer treatments or older ones may be curious as to whether or not they have become immune to the virus. Here’s what you need to know. Hep C is a complicated ...
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10 Foods for Living Well with Hepatitis C (INFOGRAPHIC)

While there isn’t a specific diet to benefit everyone with hepatitis C, a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables is certainly a healthy option for everyone. Those with hepatitis C are at an increased risk for fatty liver disease and type 2 diabet...

No Symptoms with Hepatitis C: Why Rock the Boat?

Credit: Thinkstock The majority of people with hepatitis C remain asymptomatic until late stages of disease. It’s common to have Hep C for decades and feel just fine. Amazingly, not all people with Hep C will develop liver problems at all. Some peopl...
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