All About Normal Blood Pressure Increase

How to Go Vegan

Seven insider tips on how to go vegan, from the author of The Struggling Vegan.
Lisa Nelson, RD, LN

Tomatoes to Lower Blood Pressure

Learn more about the different varieties of tomatoes and the best ways to add them into your diet to improve overall health and lower your blood pressure.
Lisa Nelson, RD, LN

Lower Blood Pressure with Watermelon

Watermelon is the quintessential refreshing summer snack, but it is also a positive food choice for blood pressure, due to its high potassium content.
Lisa Nelson, RD, LN

Um 48 Female Bp Is 190/87

Question Originally asked by Community Member Angie reynolds Um 48 Female Bp Is 190/87 Answer Hi Angie, I recommend you contact your doctor for an evaluation and to determine if treatment is warranted. Here is a link to some information: 7 Ways to Lo...

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