Coffee (Even Decaf) Cuts Liver Cancer Risk

The number of liver cancer cases has nearly tripled in the United States over the past three decades. Find out whether you’re at risk, the latest available treatments, and hear from others who live with liver cancer (or, care for loved ones).

Coffee may cut liver cancer risk

Drinking coffee may help reduce the risk of liver cancer for heavy drinkers, concludes a new study by the World Cancer Research Fund International in London. Researchers analyzed 34 studies involving 8.2 million people, of which 24,500 had liver canc...

Leon & His Liver: One Man's Transplant Journey

When Leon Tranchemontagne served in the military, he required dozens of blood transfusions, which destroyed his liver. The journey to find a transplant would be a long and difficult one.
Erica Sanderson

Aspirin May Lower Liver Cancer Risk

Aspirin use has long been linked to heart health, as well as many other positive health benefits. Now liver disease prevention can be added to the list. A new study from the National Cancer Institute has found that aspirin users were 41% less likely ...

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