Warning Signs of Low Testosterone

Testosterone is the male sex hormone produced by the testes, starting in the eighth week of a fetus’ life and continuing throughout a man’s life. Hormone levels vary with age, peaking in early adulthood, then decreasing slightly as a man ages. But as ...
Chris Regal

Testosterone Therapy May Help in Weight Loss

For older men with low testosterone levels, replacing the testosterone may help with weight loss as well as provide additional health benefits according to a study presented at the 19th European Congress on Obesity. Testosterone is a naturally produc...
Eileen Bailey

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men in Pain

How many men would take pain pills if they knew that the pills might shrink their testicles? Besides testicular size, pain pills can wreck havoc on a man’s ability to have sex, make babies, build muscles, and enjoy life.
Christina Lasich, MD

Testosterone Supplements Raising Ldl

Question Originally asked by Community Member db2 Testosterone Supplements Raising Ldl Hi, I’ve been using androgel for several years for hypoganidism. There seems to be a general perception that T supplementation lowers LDL. However in my case, I ha...

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