What You Should Know About Intraocular (Uveal) Melanoma

Key Research in Skin Cancer in 2017

There was a great deal of research on skin cancer in 2017, including how skin cancer forms and how certain foods might protect you from skin cancer.
Eileen Bailey

What is Melanoma?

Learn more about the basics of melanoma and if you might be at risk.
Heather LaBruna

The Connection Between Parkinson's Disease and Melanoma

Parkinson’s disease increases melanoma risk, and people with melanoma are at increased risk for developing Parkinson’s, according to a study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings that confirms earlier research suggesting a link. Although the associati...

The Right Way to Apply Sunscreen

Many people fail to apply enough sunscreen, forget to reapply it after spending a long time in the sun, or use an expired product. Here’s how to get the most protection.

President Jimmy Carter's Recovery from Melanoma

President Jimmy Carter was diagnosed with melanoma in the summer of 2015. While melanoma usually begins on the skin, it can sometimes develop in other parts of the body. President Carter’s melanoma first showed up on his liver. When doctors removed t...
Eileen Bailey

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