How to Lift Late-Life Depression

Many older adults mistakenly believe their sadness is a normal part of aging. But untreated late-life depression can intensify. Here’s how to find help.
Stephanie Watson

Surviving Cyberbullying

Once a cyberbullying attack starts, it can quickly build momentum. The sooner you act, the faster you’ll contain the situation.
Jerry Kennard

Mental Health Care After Sexual Assault

Sexual assault may have long-term health effects, both mental and physical. Seeking treatment and help after assault can help you deal with this traumatic event.
Lara DeSanto

12 Words

At the beginning of this year, I injured myself while having too much fun with Photoshop, rendering my right elbow and shoulder utterly messed up (note to self: decrease amount of time spent at the computer). No biggie - it’s happened before. I can r...
Lene Andersen

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