How Do Stem Cell Transplants Work?

Stem cells are uniquely special cells and a stem cell transplant is a medical procedure to help or cure people suffering from certain types of cancer.
Judi Ebbert, PhD, MPH, RN

Multiple Myeloma Complications

The complications of multiple myeloma stem from myeloma’s effect on the body as well as its symptoms. As the myeloma cells grow in excess, they disrupt normal cell production, which can result in numerous health complications.
Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

The Dangerous Combo Causing an Uptick in Kidney Stones

Credit: Thinkstock If you’re a woman who has experienced natural childbirth sans any pain medications and having a kidney stone, you will likely vote the kidney stone as “the worse of the two.” Of course, you did receive a bundle of joy after the pai...
Amy Hendel

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