Top Foods for Calcium and Vitamin D

If you are trying to get most of your vitamin D and calcium from your diet, instead of relying on supplements, here are foods fortified with these nutrients.
Pam Flores

Dos and Don'ts On Choosing The Best Calcium Supplement

Calcium is one of the many nutrients we need to take to keep our bones strong. Getting calcium from our diet is preferred, but what if you need to supplement as well? Calcium comes in carbonate, citrate, lactate, phosphate, bone meal, oyster shell an...
Pam Flores

Top Ten Questions To Ask When Diagnosed With Osteoporosis

You’ve just recently been diagnosed with bone loss and you have no idea what to do next. Here are questions you should ask your doctor after you receive a diagnosis of osteopenia or osteoporosis. Is my bone loss a result of heredity? If your bone los...
Pam Flores

Exercise Guidelines for Osteoporosis

The human body is designed to move. Years ago humans spent hours on a daily basis hunting for food, gathering food and moving from one location to the next. Nowadays, we spend hours sitting in front of a computer, lounging on couches, or riding in ou...
Christina Lasich, MD

How to Avoid Winter Falls

During the winter, many of you will have to deal with snow, ice and slush, and the things they cause, like slippery sidewalks, roads and driveways. Falling is a major cause of hip, spinal, wrist and arm fractures; so it is very important to find ways ...
Pam Flores

Potassium Can Prevent Bone Loss

There are a variety of minerals that are important for our bone health, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, vitamin K and potassium. Potassium has always been important for heart health, it controls muscle contraction, keeps our blood pressure regulated a...
Pam Flores

Does Weight Loss Cause Bone Loss?

Is dieting part of your New Year’s resolution? Maybe you received a new DVD for Christmas on yoga or Tai Chi or maybe you just want to walk or continue running daily since we need weight bearing exercise to keep our bones strong? Whatever the case, y...
Pam Flores

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