Abdominal Migraine Quiz

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Abdominal Migraine is most common in...

  • AChildren
  • BAdults
  • CBoth

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Abdominal Migraine consists primarily of...

  • Aabdominal pain, mausea, and photophobia
  • Babdominal pain, vomiting, and phonophobia
  • Cabdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting

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Most children with abdominal Migraine will eventually develop...

  • AMigraine without aura
  • BMigraine with and without aura
  • CAcephalgic Migraine

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The abdominal pain of abdominal Migraine has which of the following characteristics?

  • AMidline location, periumbilical or poorly localised
  • BDull or "just sore" quality
  • CModerate or severe intensity
  • DAll of the above

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During the abdominal pain, how many of these additional symptoms myst be present -- anorexia, nausea, vomiting, pallor...

  • Aat least one
  • Bat least two
  • Cat least three
  • Dall four

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Which of the following tests are used to confirm a diagnosis of abdominal Migraine?

  • AMRI or CT scan
  • BBlood tests
  • CUpper GI series x-rays
  • DNone of the above