ADHD and Mental Health Quiz

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Question 1 of 8

What percentage of adults with ADD/ADHD suffer symptoms of depression?

  • A90%
  • B10%
  • C50%
  • D25%

Question 2 of 8

If both ADHD and depression are present in an individual, which came first: ADHD or depression?

  • AThey appeared at the same time
  • COne never preceeds the other
  • DDepression

Question 3 of 8

Which is NOT an example of a co-morbid condition commonly associated with ADHD?

  • ABipolar Disorder
  • BIrritable Bowel Syndrome
  • CLearning Disabilities
  • DTourette's Syndrome

Question 4 of 8

Which treatment is part of psychotherapy?

  • ALobotomy
  • BElectro-shock treatment
  • CMassage of the neck and shoulders
  • DCommunication

Question 5 of 8

What is the key element in acute stress disorder?

  • AAttention problems
  • BMood swings
  • CSleep problems
  • DThe product of a traumatic event

Question 6 of 8

How many main classifications are there for bipolar disorder?

  • A4
  • B2
  • C8
  • D5

Question 7 of 8

According to research at the Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital, ____ could be the source of hyperactive, anxious and aggressive behavior in children with ADHD.

  • ADysfunction in the left parietal lobe of the brain
  • BBad parenting
  • CA sugar-prominent diet
  • DDysfunction in the right parietal lobe of the brain

Question 8 of 8

Which is NOT an example of an anxiety disorder?

  • APanic Disorder
  • BObsessive-compulsive disorder
  • CPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • DEmpty-Nest Syndrome