Am I Managing my COPD as Effectively as Possible?

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You seem to have an understanding of how things work and how to use what you know to breathe as well as possible.

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On a lung function test, do you know what the FEV1 measures and what your number is?

  • AI know what the FEV1 measures, and I know what my number is.
  • BI’m not sure, but my doctor told me mine is low
  • CI think my doctor mentioned it once, but I forgot what he said.
  • DI have no idea what that is.

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How well do you manage your COPD, your relationship with your family and getting things done around the house.

  • AI tell my family if I’m having a good or bad breathing day and I know when to ask for help.
  • BI don’t talk about my breathing because my family is worried enough about me and I do very little around the house.
  • CMy family is sick and tired of hearing about it so I try to do everything myself and I’m constantly exhausted.
  • DI haven’t told my family that I have COPD, I gasp for breath all the time, and they don’t notice.

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If you have a lot of mucus what do you do?

  • AI use a mucous clearing device as part of my routine each morning to clear my lungs.
  • BI cough after my nebulizer treatment every morning but even after that, I feel sometimes like something is still stuck in there.
  • CI cough all day long and my mucous chokes me when I bring it up.
  • DI keep myself from coughing because I’m so embarrassed about it.

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How well do you know your inhaled medications?

  • AI know which of my inhalers are controllers and which ones are rescuers and when I should take them.
  • BI take my inhalers as directed by my doctor but I have no idea what they do.
  • CI’m supposed to take different types of inhalers, but I take only one of them regularly because it’s the only one that works.
  • DWhen I’m tight, I take several puffs from all of them and hope something works.

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Can you walk 50 feet and feel OK?

  • AEven though I walk slowly, I can usually make it to my destination, taking one break, by pacing and doing pursed-lips breathing.
  • BI can usually make it to my destination and still breathe alright by stopping several times (sometimes every few steps) along the way.
  • CI get to my destination and nearly collapse
  • DI don’t walk anymore at all. I use a motorized scooter.