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Are You at Risk of Erectile Dysfunction?

Your Results: You have a low risk of erectile dysfunction.

It seems that you are at low risk of erectile dysfunction. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible for you to have it or develop it in the future. If you have concerns, it is important to let your doctor know, and they can help you figure out the best course of action.

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Question 1 of 8

Do you have diabetes?

  • ANo
  • BYes

Question 2 of 8

Are you overweight?

  • ANo; I'm a healthy weight.
  • BYes; I'm overweight.
  • CYes; I'm obese.

Question 3 of 8

Do you have high blood pressure or heart disease?

  • ANo.
  • BYes; I have one or both of these things.

Question 4 of 8

Do you take medications for high blood pressure, prostate cancer, depression, appetite suppression, or an ulcer?

  • ANo.
  • BYes.

Question 5 of 8

How often do you exercise?

  • AAt least a few hours per week.
  • BOccasionally.
  • CRarely.
  • DNever.

Question 6 of 8

Do you worry about your sexual performance?

  • ANever.
  • BRarely.
  • CYes; sometimes.
  • DYes; often.

Question 7 of 8

Have you had pelvic surgery?

  • ANo.
  • BYes.

Question 8 of 8

How much alcohol do you drink?

  • AI don't drink.
  • BOccasionally.
  • COften.
  • DI drink excessively.