Are You At Risk of Heart Disease Because of Your Diabetes?

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Diabetes and Heart Risk Assessment

If you have diabetes, you might be at a higher risk for heart disease. Take this assessment to learn more about how to prevent heart complications.

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Do you eat a healthy diet?

  • AI eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy and lean protein
  • BI eat a healthy diet most of the time, but I also enjoy salty or sugary treats
  • CI sometimes eat fast food, red meat, and other items that I know I should limit
  • DMost of what I eat is red meat, fast food, salty snacks, and sugary sweets

Question 2 of 10

How well do you control your blood-sugar levels?

  • AMy blood-sugar levels are always well-controlled
  • BI usually, but not always, keep my blood-sugar levels under control
  • CMore often than not, my blood-sugar levels aren’t well-controlled
  • DI don’t try to keep my blood-sugar levels under control

Question 3 of 10

Are your cholesterol levels in the healthy range?

  • AYes, my cholesterol levels are quite good
  • BMy cholesterol levels are close to what they should be
  • CMy cholesterol levels are off, but I’m working on it
  • DNo, my doctor has often said that my cholesterol levels aren’t in the right ranges

Question 4 of 10

How much do you weigh?

  • AI’m in the healthy weight range
  • BI am a few pounds overweight
  • CI’m heavier than I would like to be
  • DI am very overweight or obese

Question 5 of 10

How often do you exercise or get physical activity, including walking?

  • AEvery day, I walk for 30 minutes
  • BI get exercise a few days a week
  • CMaybe once a week, I’ll go for a walk, but I usually don’t do anything active
  • DUsually, I just sit and watch TV, rather than going for a walk or getting moving

Question 6 of 10

Do you smoke?

  • AI’ve never smoked, and I don’t spend time around smokers
  • BI’ll have a cigarette once or twice a week when I drink or socialize with smokers
  • CI’ve tried to quit a few times but can’t kick the habit, so I still smoke a pack a day
  • DYes, I smoke one or two packs a day

Question 7 of 10

Do you have high blood pressure?

  • AMy doctor says that I don’t, because my levels are below 130/80 mmHg
  • BI’m borderline high, so might need to go on blood-pressure medication soon
  • CI always forget to take blood-pressure pills, so my pressure is probably high
  • DNot sure what my levels are, but my doctor always tells me that they’re too high

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Do you have a lot of stress in your life?

  • AMy stress levels aren’t very high, but when I feel stressed, I exercise and feel better
  • BThere’s a fair amount of stress in my life, but I try to deal with it before things feel unbearable
  • CI have a lot of stress in my life and wish that those feelings would just go away
  • DThe stress in my life is out of control and I often worry that I’ll have a heart attack

Question 9 of 10

How old were you when you were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?

  • AUnder age 34
  • BBetween ages 35 and 45
  • CBetween ages 46 and 64
  • DOver age 65

Question 10 of 10

Does anyone else in your family have heart disease?

  • ANo, nobody in my family has heart disease
  • BA close relative (parent or sibling) has high blood pressure, but it isn’t heart disease
  • CMy parent or sibling does indeed have heart disease
  • DYes, multiple members of my family have heart disease