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Are Your Diabetes Medications Working?

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Question 1 of 11

Do you frequently feel lethargic, thirsty, and/or tired within two hours after eating?

  • ANever
  • BOnly after certain meals
  • CSeveral times a week
  • DNearly every day

Question 2 of 11

Do you frequently feel dizzy, light-headed, shaky, and hungry within two hours after eating?

  • ANever
  • BOnly after certain meals
  • CSeveral times a week
  • DNearly every day

Question 3 of 11

Do you feel as thirsty and have the same need to urinate frequently as when you were diagnosed?

  • ANo, I feel like my thirst and urination frequency is steady now
  • BNo, it’s definitely less and still improving
  • CYes, but not every day or not throughout the entire day
  • DYes, I’m thirsty all the time, and urinating many times a day

Question 4 of 11

Since beginning your medications, have your persistent hunger and cravings decreased?

  • AYes, in fact, since starting my meds, my appetite has decreased considerably
  • BYes, I feel reasonably hungry for normal meals and a couple of snacks
  • CNo, I still feel hungry fairly often during some parts of the day, even after eating
  • DNo, I still find myself feeling constantly hungry even if I just ate a meal

Question 5 of 11

If you take metformin, how long have you been taking it?

  • AI don’t take metformin
  • BI’ve been taking it for less than six months
  • CI’ve been taking it for less than five years
  • DI’ve been taking it for more than five years

Question 6 of 11

At your last doctor’s appointment, did your A1C increase?

  • ANo, it had decreased
  • BNo, it was the same
  • CYes, by a few decimal points (example: 7.3 to 7.6)
  • DYes, by a lot (example: 7.3 to 8.3)

Question 7 of 11

Has your weight increased recently?

  • ANo, it has decreased
  • BNo, it’s the same
  • CYes, it went up between 1 to 5 pounds
  • DYes, by a lot — over 5 pounds

Question 8 of 11

During or shortly after exercise, do you experience dizziness, lightheadedness, or worse symptoms due to low blood sugar?

  • ANo, I show no signs that my blood sugar drops during exercise
  • BNo, I always make sure to eat something right before exercising to prevent this
  • CYes, sometimes
  • DYes, this happens pretty often

Question 9 of 11

In the last two years, have your medication dosages changed?

  • AYes, they’ve been adjusted several times by my doctor or myself
  • BYes, but just once or twice after I first started taking them
  • CNo, I’m taking the same dose but my A1C has come down
  • DNo, I’m taking the same dose and struggling with my blood sugar

Question 10 of 11

When you wake up in the morning, do you feel sluggish and fatigued?

  • ANo, I feel much more energetic than I used to
  • BNo, I feel a little groggy but eventually I feel energized for the day
  • CYes, I feel tired throughout most of the day, especially after eating
  • DYes, and I fall asleep easily every time I sit down on the couch or at work, no matter what time of day it is

Question 11 of 11

When you check your fasting blood sugar first thing in the morning, is it below 130 mg/dL?

  • AYes, I’m really proud of myself for getting that fasting number down
  • BMost of the time. When it’s higher, I know it’s because of something I ate
  • CI don’t know...I haven’t been checking my blood sugar when I get up in the morning
  • DNo, it’s usually higher than that