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Cardiac Quiz: Understanding Heart Health

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When does the human heart start to beat?

  • ASix weeks
  • BEight weeks
  • CTen weeks
  • DTwelve weeks

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When does the heart rest?

  • AWhen we are sleeping.
  • BWhen we are sedentary. For example, when we are sitting on the couch watching television.
  • CBetween heart beats.
  • DNever. The heart is always working to pump blood throughout our body.

Question 3 of 7

Which food has the least amount of cholesterol?

  • ALean pork.
  • BSkinless breast of chicken.
  • CWhole stuffed olives.
  • DLean beef.

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Which food should be eaten once a week, but may need to be limited in pregnant women?

  • AFried fish.
  • BTurkey.
  • CFresh tuna.
  • DBeef.

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Which vitamin is most necessary for proper cardiac function?

  • AVitamin K
  • BVitamin B
  • CVitamin E
  • DVitamin D

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How many chambers does the human heart have?

  • A2
  • B3
  • C4
  • D5

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For a 50-year-old woman, what is the greatest risk factor for not reaching 75 years of age?

  • ALack of exercise.
  • BDiabetes.
  • CSmoking.
  • DBeing overweight.