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Dietary and Lifestyle Considerations with Crohn's Disease

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What is the most common nutrition problem people with Crohn's Disease face?

  • AVitamin B Deficiency
  • BAnemia
  • CScurvy
  • DMalnutrition

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What three nutrients are most important for Crohn's Patients?

  • AProtein, Iron, Sugar
  • BIron, Magnesium, Vitamin B12
  • CFluids, Protein, Complex Carbohydrates
  • DFiber, Sodium, Potassium

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What type of food is considered protective against Crohn's Disease Symptoms?

  • AIron
  • BPotassium
  • CFresh Fruits (Complex Carbohydrates)
  • DWhite Bread

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What supplement should people with Crohn's take to treat anemia?

  • AIron
  • BCalcium
  • CZinc
  • DPotassium

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How does regular exercise affect Crohn's Disease?

  • AExercise May Help Some Patients and Harm Others
  • BExercise Triggers Flare Ups
  • CExercise Helps Ease Symptoms

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What foods should a person with Crohn's disease avoid?

  • AAlcohol
  • BFats
  • CDairy
  • DDried Fruits
  • EAll of the Above

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How can a person with Crohn's reduce their chance of developing kidney stones?

  • ALimit oxalate-rich foods
  • BIncrease potassium consumption
  • CIncrease fluid consumption
  • DAll of the Above