Do You Know How to Manage Your COPD in Hot Weather?

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What is a normal body temperature?

  • A98.6 degrees Fahrenheit
  • B95.7 degrees Fahrenheit
  • C100 degrees Fahrenheit

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What does heat do to the lungs in COPD patients?

  • AAll of the above
  • BHarder to move air in and out of lungs
  • CIncreases shortness of breath
  • DBronchial tubes tighten

Question 3 of 7

How much water should you drink a day?

  • A1 quart
  • B3 quarts
  • C2 quarts

Question 4 of 7

Which other beverages count as part of your water intake?

  • ATea
  • BClear fruit juice
  • CCoffee
  • DSoda

Question 5 of 7

If you need to go outside, when should you go?

  • AWhen the sun is down
  • BAll of the above
  • CLater in the evening
  • DEarly in the morning

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How can you avoid a hot car?

  • APark in shaded areas
  • BAll of the above
  • CTurn the air conditioning and fan to the highest settings
  • DInvest in a remote car starter

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How should you exercise on hot days?

  • ADo water aerobics
  • BDo stretching and resistance training indoors
  • CAs usual