Do You Know the Basics of PTSD?

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Which of the following events can precipitate developing PTSD?

  • ACombat or military exposure
  • BA fire or tornado.
  • CChild sexual or physical abuse.
  • DAll of the above.

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Which of the following is NOT a type of PTSD symptom?

  • AHypersomnolence.
  • BReliving the event.
  • CNumbing.
  • DHyperarousal.
  • EAvoidance.

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Which of the following statements is incorrect?

  • APTSD is an anxiety disorder.
  • BIn PTSD, the "fight-or-flight" response is damaged.
  • CEveryone who experiences a stressful and life-threatening event will develop PTSD.
  • DPTSD is caused by changes in the endocrine system.

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Many people who develop PTSD get better at some time. What percentage of those with PTSD continue to have symptoms?

  • A17%
  • B60%
  • C33%
  • D76%

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Which of the following is an example of other problems people with PTSD may have?

  • ADrinking or drug problems.
  • BPhysical symptoms.
  • CRelationships problems including divorce and violence
  • DFeelings of hopelessness, shame, or despair.
  • EAll of the above.

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Who can develop PTSD?

  • AAnyone.
  • BMen and women.
  • CMen.
  • DWomen.
  • EChildren.