Sleep Disorders

Do You Know the Risk Factors for Insomnia?

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Which is one of the seven significant risk factors for insomnia?

  • ABeing between ages 21 and 35
  • BNot having proper sleep hygiene
  • CAll of the above
  • DBeing overworked on the job

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Which of these triggers insomnia?

  • AInability to deal with stressful events
  • BNegative thoughts and attitudes towards events
  • CStressful events

Question 3 of 7

Which of these is the strongest risk factor for insomnia?

  • ADepression
  • BChronic pain
  • CAll of the above
  • DSomatic symptoms
  • EHeadaches

Question 4 of 7

Insomnia is more common in which gender?

  • AMen
  • BWomen

Question 5 of 7

Why do elderly people have more sleep problems?

  • AMelatonin levels
  • BAll of the above
  • CMedical conditions
  • DSedentary lifestyle
  • ENeurological diseases

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Shift workers are more prone to insomnia if…

  • ATheir internal clock doesn't adjust to unusual work times
  • BNone of the above
  • CTheir work shifts are always changing
  • DAll of the above
  • EThey have a night shift

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Which of these activities increases risk for insomnia?

  • AAll of the above
  • BExcessive workout behavior
  • CExcessively watching TV
  • DExcessive computer work