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Do You Know What These Health Insurance Terms Mean?

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The percentage of your medical costs that you, and not the insurance company, are responsible for paying is called your:

  • ACoinsurance
  • BCopayment
  • CCollectible

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Your insurance plan may not pay anything at all until you’ve spent a certain amount and paid for it yourself. That’s known as your:

  • APremium
  • BDeductible
  • CDues

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The price that you (and your employer, if you receive coverage through work) pay for your insurance is called your:

  • APremium
  • BHealth dues
  • CStandard deduction

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A preferred provider is:

  • AAny doctor or other provider you prefer to use.
  • BA doctor or other provider who has contracted with your insurer to offer discounted services.

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Compared with a preferred provider, a participating provider is likely to charge you:

  • AMore
  • BLess
  • CAbout the same

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If a provider sends you a bill for more money after your insurance company has paid its share, that’s called:

  • ABalance billing
  • BAdditional surcharge
  • CGreedy

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The allowed amount in your policy is:

  • AHow much a doctor or other provider is allowed to charge you.
  • BThe maximum charge for a particular service that your insurer will use in calculating its payment.

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Your out-of-pocket limit is:

  • AWhatever you have in your wallet at the time.
  • BThe most you’ll have to pay for services before your insurer pays 100 percent of your allowed claims.
  • CThe maximum that an employer can legally charge you for insurance.

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If you have health coverage through work but lose your job, you may be eligible to stay on your employer’s plan for a period of time through a program called:


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If you disagree with a decision your insurance company has made, you can request what’s known as:

  • AAn internal appeal
  • BAn external review
  • CBoth