Does Your Baby Have Acid Reflux Disease?

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Does your baby cry for long periods of time

  • AMy baby is very happy and never cries
  • BMy baby is genreally okay but seems to be unhappy and fussy after feeds
  • CMy baby has periods of unexplained arching and screaming
  • DMy baby is a bundle of misery and cries constantly

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Does your baby seem congested all the time

  • AMy baby has clear, quiet breathing
  • BUnexplained congestion is an occasional problem for my baby
  • CMy baby seems congested after feeds
  • DMy baby is constantly congested and sounds like she has a cold in her chest

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Is feeding prolonged and difficult for your baby

  • AMy baby feeds efficiently and painlessly and never pulls from the breast or bottle
  • BOccasionally my baby pulls away and arches from the bottle
  • CAt least 2-3 feeds per day my baby pulls away and arches from the breast or bottle
  • DMy baby constantly pulls away and arches from the bottle or breast

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Does your baby have a positional preference

  • AMy baby is okay in any position, even his or her back
  • BWhile my baby doesn't necessarily have to be held all the time, he or she prefers side positioning when lying down
  • CWhile my baby likes to be held upright, he's okay on his belly
  • DMy baby wants to be held upright almost all the time

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Is sleep marked by frequent awakening and crying

  • AMy baby almost never awakens from sleep
  • BMy baby occasionally fusses and cries when sleeping
  • CMy baby frequently fusses, cries and arches when sleeping
  • DMy baby awakens from sleep with piercing "pin in the foot" awakening

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Does your baby suffer with frequent hiccups

  • AMy baby never has hiccups
  • BMy baby has occasional hiccups
  • CMy baby has hiccups several times a day
  • DMy baby has constant hiccups

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Does your baby spit up or vomit

  • AMy baby never spits up
  • BMy baby occasionally spits up
  • CMy baby spits up 3-4 times per day
  • DMy baby spits up constantly

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Is your baby growing well

  • AMy baby is growing beautifully
  • BMy pediatrician has expressed concern that my baby isn't gaining weight properly