GERD quiz: How much do you know about acid reflux treatment?

Jul 31st 2009 Oct 10th 2017

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It's best to wait ________ hour(s) after eating dinner before going to bed.
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  3. 1 three or more

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  1. It's best to wait ________ hour(s) after eating dinner before going to bed.

    Correct Answer: three or more

  2. The drink that causes acid reflux more frequently is:

    Correct Answer: coffee

  3. If you're suffering from weight loss, having difficulty swallowing and getting occasional black stools, your doctor will most likely send you for an:

    Correct Answer: Upper endoscopy

  4. Medications that can be worsening my GERD symptoms include:

    Correct Answer: Blood pressure medications

  5. If your doctor has already done an endoscopy to rule out cancer and told you it's OK to try over-the-counter GERD medications, you may be considering checking the medications out. The strongest over-the-counter medication available for GERD is:

    Correct Answer: Prilosec

  6. If I have a hiatal hernia, I will one day develop GERD

    Correct Answer: False

  7. If you have Barrett's esophagus, the best way to ensure you won't develop esophageal cancer is:

    Correct Answer: Make sure I am in an endoscopic surveillance program

  8. Once diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus, the chance that one will develop cancer of the esophagus is:

    Correct Answer: 10 percent