Halloween Diabetes Quiz: Can you count the carbs?

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1. Which one of the Halloween treats is the best choice for someone who has diabetes?

  • AA fun size Twizzlers
  • BA handful (26 pieces) of Candy Corn
  • CA fun size Milky Way bar
  • DA fun size Snickers bar

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2. Which of the following foods is the best choice for families who want to hand out a diabetes-friendly Halloween treat this year?

  • AA personal-sized package of Goldfish crackers
  • BA box of raisins
  • CA personal-sized bag of popcorn
  • DAny of the above

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3. If you give your child sugar-free Halloween candy, you do not have to worry about their blood sugar levels.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

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4. If you are an adult, alcohol can fit into a diabetic diet when consumed in moderation. Which alcoholic beverage does not have carbohydrates?

  • AA light beer
  • BA glass of wine
  • CA vodka and diet tonic
  • DA wine cooler

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Which of the following food items is lowest in sugar?

  • A1 Caramel Apple
  • B1/4 cup of roasted pumpkin seeds
  • CPumpkin muffin
  • D1 cup of apple cider