Holiday Blues Quiz

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The holiday blues can be caused by:

  • AStress and fatigue.
  • BOver-commercialization.
  • CFinancial strains.
  • DSeparation from family and friends.
  • EAll of the above.

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The holidays magically turn us all into Martha Stewart.

  • ATrue.
  • BFalse.

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"Eat, drink and be merry - in moderation" is the healthiest way to enjoy the holiday season.

  • ATrue.
  • BFalse.

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Stretching your budget beyond its limits is the only way to have an enjoyable holiday.

  • ATrue.
  • BFalse.

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The best way to handle the holiday blues is to:

  • AJust pretend that everything is fine - who wants to be a Grinch"
  • BBe honest with yourself and others about your feelings.