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How Much Do You Know About These Common Skin Conditions in Children?

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These bumps can occur due to an allergic reaction to food, medication or environment, and are very itchy.

  • AHives
  • BWarts
  • CRingworm

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This skin condition looks like red circle, typically on the stomach, feet or scalp.

  • AWarts
  • BHeat rash
  • CRingworm

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This rash develops in hot, humid weather.

  • APrickly heat
  • BWarts
  • CContact dermatitis

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This rash occurs when your child touches something that causes a reaction.

  • AWarts
  • BRosacea
  • CContact dermatitis

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These skin lesion are white, dry and sometimes form in groups.

  • APsoriasis
  • BWarts
  • CAcne