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How Much Do You Know About Your Eye Check-Up?

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How often should healthy adults under 40 have their eyes checked?

  • AAnnually.
  • BBi-Monthly.
  • CEvery four years.
  • DEvery two years.

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How often should older adults, around 60 years old, have their eyes checked?

  • AAnnually.
  • BEvery four months.
  • CEvery 18 months.
  • DNo need if not experiencing any vision problems.

Question 3 of 11

What should you bring to your eye exam?

  • AList of your current prescription and non-prescription medications.
  • BAny corrective eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions.
  • CVision insurance if available.
  • DAll of the above.

Question 4 of 11

What does a reading chart test?

  • AVisual acuity.
  • BVisual depth.
  • CVisual focus.
  • DAll of the above.

Question 5 of 11

What is an extraocular movement test?

  • AA test that measures eye pressure.
  • BA test that measures how your pupils respond to light.
  • CA test that measures visual distance.
  • DA test that measures the muscles that control eye movement.

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What do pupillary tests reveal?

  • AHow big your pupils can get.
  • BVisual depth.
  • COverall health of the eyes and body, including neurological problems.
  • DCorneal defects.

Question 7 of 11

The cover test is performed to measure how well your eyes work together.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

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A refraction test is a specialized test used to test only for astigmatism.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

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Cataracts can be diagnosed using which test?

  • APupillary tests.
  • BGetting your eyes dilated.
  • CSlit lamp exam.
  • DNone of the above.

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Why is testing for eye pressure important?

  • ABecause if your eye pressure is higher than normal, you are at risk for developing glaucoma.
  • BBecause it helps measure whether or not you can wear contact lenses.
  • CBecause your visual focus is directly associated with eye pressure.
  • DAll of the above.

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Getting your pupils dilated with special eye drops is an optional part of a comprehensive eye exam and should be done only about every couple of years.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse