Ulcerative ColitisTreatment

Is Your Ulcerative Colitis Treatment Working?

Your Results: Your ulcerative colitis seems to be reasonably well-controlled.

Your symptoms of ulcerative colitis appear to be reasonably well-controlled and have a minimal effect on your daily activities. However, consider discussing with your doctor if you feel that your condition has worsened over the past few months or has interfered with your work, social, or recreational activities. You and your doctor may consider reassessing your score in the future to ensure that your current treatment plan is optimal.

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Question 1 of 10

Over the past week, how many bowel movements have you had (on average) per day?

  • A1-2
  • B4-6
  • C7-9
  • DMore than 9

Question 2 of 10

Over the past week, how many bowel movements have you had per night that woke you up?

  • A1-3
  • B4-6
  • CMore than 6

Question 3 of 10

Over the past week, how often have you seen blood in your bowel movements?

  • ANone of the time
  • BLess than half of the time
  • CAt least half of the time
  • DAt least half of the time AND passage of at least one bowel movement with blood alone

Question 4 of 10

Over the past week, how urgent have your bowel movements typically been?

  • ANot urgent at all
  • BSomewhat urgent (i.e., in a hurry to find a toilet)
  • CExtremely urgent (i.e., need to have a toilet nearby)
  • DIncontinent (i.e., no control)

Question 5 of 10

Which of the following best describes your typical stool consistency over the past week?

  • AFormed
  • BSemi-formed
  • CLiquid

Question 6 of 10

Which of the following best describes your abdominal pain over the past week?

  • ANone or occasional mild pain
  • BPain typically occurs before and/or after bowel movements but is minimal at other times
  • CPain is prolonged and/or severe

Question 7 of 10

How frequently do your ulcerative colitis symptoms limit your ability to work, go to school, or engage in social activities?

  • ANever
  • BOccasionally
  • CFrequently
  • DAlways

Question 8 of 10

How many extraintestinal (outside of the intestines) symptoms related to ulcerative colitis do you have? Common symptoms include arthritis; skin rash; inflammation of the liver or biliary tract; eye inflammation; osteoporosis; peripheral neuropathy; kidney stones; gall stones; and nutrient deficiencies.

  • A0
  • B1
  • C2 or more

Question 9 of 10

How would you describe your general well-being over the past week?

  • AVery well or better than normal
  • BClose to normal
  • CSlightly worse than normal
  • DConsiderably worse than normal
  • EMuch worse than normal

Question 10 of 10

How frequently do you worry or feel anxious about your ulcerative colitis? For example, you may have concerns about developing cancer, worries about the inability to resolve symptoms, and anxieties about relapses.

  • AAll of the time
  • BMost of the time
  • CSome of the time
  • DHardly any of the time
  • ENone of the time

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