Managing School and ADHD

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Children with ADHD are more likely to have a learning disorder.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

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Why are learning styles important?

  • AUnderstanding learning styles can help improve other areas of life.
  • BIt can help in studying for upcoming tests by giving you concrete aids, such as note cards and visual cues for visual learners or by listening to taped recordings for auditory learners.
  • CKnowing and understanding learning styles gives information on how someone solves problems and generally relates to information and other people.
  • DAll of the above

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Children with ADHD/ADD are eligible for special accommodations and services in the classroom.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

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What is the best way to help a child with ADHD complete their homework?

  • ADo some of their homework for them so they don’t get too stressed.
  • BWork with your child and help them set goals and break larger projects down into manageable chunks.
  • CRemain uninvolved and let your child be completely responsible for their workload.

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Which of the following are characteristics of giftedness?

  • AHigh Reasoning Ability, excellent problem solving abilities, understands concepts and abstract thinking easily.
  • BCan be self-critical and a perfectionist.
  • CHas many different interests but sometimes will choose one or two interests and works with great intensity on them.
  • DAll of the above

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What type of relationship should a parent of an ADHD child have with their children’s teachers?

  • AHave a direct relationship with the teacher and set up a meeting to discuss your child’s learning habits.
  • BNo involvement—let the child manage everything.
  • CCommunicate with the teachers via your child.Let your child determine the degree parent-teacher interaction.