Multiple Sclerosis

MS: Do You Know Your Rights in the Workplace?

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Do I have to tell an employer that I have MS?

  • AAlways
  • BYou never have to
  • CIt depends

Question 2 of 7

Does my employer have to keep my diagnosis confidential at the workplace if I ask him or her to do so?

  • AYes
  • BNo
  • CIt depends on where you work

Question 3 of 7

Are there any resources where I can find an accommodating place to work?

  • AYes, but only if you know the right people
  • BYes, and they're available online
  • CNo

Question 4 of 7

Can I be let go from my job because of my MS?

  • AYes, but only after a one-year trial period
  • BYes, after all possibilities have been exhausted
  • CNo, it's illegal

Question 5 of 7

If I qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), is my employer obligated to accommodate me in any way?

  • ANo, your employer doesn't have to make any accommodations
  • BYes, your employer has to make any accommodations you ask for
  • CYes, but only if the accommodations are considered to be reasonable

Question 6 of 7

Which of these reasonable accommodations may I ask for?

  • AModified working hours
  • BChange of location where work is performed
  • CReserved parking
  • DAll of the above

Question 7 of 7

What can I do if I think my rights are being violated?

  • ANothing, except quit
  • BCall 911
  • CCall your doctor's office
  • DContact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)