Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis in Men vs. Women

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How much more testosterone do men have than women?

  • A10 times
  • B2 times
  • C4 times
  • D25 times

Question 2 of 9

Which of the following outcomes occurs when a man with MS uses a testosterone gel?

  • AImproved cognitive function
  • BNone of the above
  • CMS ceases to progress entirely
  • DMS progresses more quickly

Question 3 of 9

Research has shown that women can avoid being wheelchair-bound by an average of six years if…

  • AThe women had children after being diagnosed with MS
  • BThe women had children after being diagnosed with MS
  • CThe women had no kids for their entire lives
  • DThe women had kids before being diagnosed with MS

Question 4 of 9

Which hormone causes significant decreases in gadolinium-enhancing lesions in MS patients?

  • AEstriol
  • BCorticosteroids
  • CTestosterone
  • DHuman Growth Hormone

Question 5 of 9

Men have a higher rate of cerebellar involvement and a higher risk of ____.

  • ARelapse-Remitting MS
  • BSeizures
  • CBrain lesions
  • DPrimary-Progressive MS

Question 6 of 9

The ratio of women to men with MS is…

  • A6:1
  • B2:1
  • C4:1
  • D10:1

Question 7 of 9

What effect does the estradiol level in women have on the lesion load?

  • ANo change
  • BIncrease
  • CDecrease

Question 8 of 9

Which gender was more likely to report a relapse/exacerbation of MS symptoms?

  • AWomen
  • BMen

Question 9 of 9

MS has been proven to …

  • ADecrease mood
  • BAll of the above
  • CDecease quality-of-life for patients
  • DAffect coping methods